Why Crown Nissan? Cause We’re Awesome

November 15th, 2014 by

Ask General Manager Brent Sales why you should buy a car from Crown Nissan and he’s certainly not stuck for an answer.

“’Cause we’re awesome,” he’ll say without hesitation.

I don’t doubt that, but there are all sorts of Dilawri Group dealerships that are awesome. What sets Crown Nissan apart?

“At Crown Nissan you’ll find a really great atmosphere,” said Sales. “We have a lot of fun with our customers. We’re open, honest and very straightforward and our customers love it. It also doesn’t hurt to have a great product. One in four of every import sold in Manitoba is a Nissan product. That says a lot about the Nissan brand.”

Sales also has an interesting way of making sure the people who sell vehicles at Crown Nissan, do it the Crown Nissan way.

“You’ll find a group of people here who love their jobs, love their customers and enjoy coming to work every day,” Sales said. “What we do here that’s different is that we take the rookies, people who haven’t sold cars before and teach them the Crown Nissan way. We give them a level of training that’s unmatched anywhere else and we show them how to do it right. It’s unlikely that we’ll take on salespeople that have been at other dealerships. We want fresh, new faces who want to learn the right way to sell a car and make our customers happy.”

Crown Nissan is located at 700-1717 Waverley St. in Winnipeg. It’s where I bought my Nissan Sentra and it’s the only place I’ll go to buy my next Nissan product.

The Dilawri Automotive Group
Founded in 1984 by Ashok Dilawri, the Dilawri Automotive Group has more than 400 employees and includes seven Winnipeg-based car dealerships. It also provides customers with the Waverly Auto Mall (WAM) Collision Center, a 24-bay glass, paint and auto body center; D-MAX, a 14-bay detailing center; and GAS Performance, a specialty aftermarket and performance accessory showroom with the largest inventory of custom wheels and tires in Winnipeg. The Dilawri Automotive Group has been named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies.

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