Too Many Pedestrians

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                This week MPI released a report that they found that half of all road fatalities are pedestrians. This is a very high percentage of people who die on the road when they aren’t even driving. Arguments have been made that this is because they don’t have all that metal and steel to protect them, but that is exactly why drivers need to take more responsibility.



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           Intersections are where most of these fatalities occur. I see at least one car zip through a red light every day on my drive home. There’s no ice to use sliding as an excuse. There are no excuses anymore for these deaths. Modern safety advances are not only to protect you; they are also there to protect others. Before you learned how to drive you learned to walk. Looking both ways to cross the street and watch out for cars is harder to do when the cars are running red lights. 


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Here are some these are things we all must do to protect our neighbours: 


Slow Down 

                 It does to matter if it’s your first time or one-thousandth time driving down a street. Speed limits are never suggestions. If you are driving through residential areas or past playgrounds go even slower. Children are small and hard to see. 


Yellow Does Not Mean Speed Up 

                 Everyone does it from time to time, me included, but that doesn’t make it right. If the light has a crossing sign, watch to see if the light is white. That means you are good to go. Red/orange means your light is about to change or has already changed. Wait for a second after the light turns green and look to see if there is any oncoming traffic. 


Stop Signs 

              These are not optional under any circumstance. Remember to STOP…2…3 just like how you did it on your driving test. 



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