Six Ways to Help Your Car Age With Grace

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You love your vehicle, but has the test of time become unkind? Here are six easy ways to apply “anti-ageing cream” to your car.


One of my first cars was a tenth generation 88 Oldsmobile. I inherited it from my uncle, who loved cars, but I found that while this was a beautiful car it was difficult to keep in a good enough condition. While I didn’t have the car for long, here is what I learned.


1) Notice the Differences in Your Vehicle and Others the Road

One of the most difficult parts of owning an ageing car is driving it on the road with newer vehicles. An older vehicle may begin to perform differently with age and as newer cars emerge on the market, your vehicle may become behind in the traffic norms. If you know that your vehicle takes more time to brake compared to other vehicles on the road, leave yourself even more room between the vehicle in front of you. You love and understand your vehicle’s quirks, drive with those in mind.

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2) Clean It

An older vehicle requires more care to keep it clean. On my 88 Oldsmobile, the seats were a velvety corduroy. While extremely comfortable, they were very difficult to clean. I found that if I avoided eating in the car it saved me from cleaning it. Unfortunately, the wide seats and spacious backseat made it very easy to collect garbage, store clothing, and keep a mini library. If I were to own that car today, I would be much better at keeping my vehicle in better condition.

3) Preventative Maintenace

An ageing vehicle needs more care than a new vehicle by nature. While it is easier to lengthen the time between oil changes for a 2017 vehicle, it could be a major issue for older vehicles. Taking care of your vehicle early will help your vehicle last longer.

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4) Find a Good Parts Supplier

As you may know, parts for older vehicles are known as being difficult to find. Finding a trusted parts dealer is important for lengthening the life of your vehicle. Places like Manufacturer’s dealerships have access to OEM parts. If you have an older vehicle, you need to make sure the parts on your vehicle work well with its other original OEM parts.

5) Trusted Mechanic

When I had my Oldsmobile, I took it to the same mechanic it had been seeing since the vehicle was bought. This was helpful because they knew my vehicle well and were able to notice if something was uncharacteristic of it, or if the strange noise was part of the car’s “charm.” Most mechanics are not certified by the manufacturer to understand the vehicle’s oddities and may not be able to properly diagnose the issue. Trust the mechanics certified to repair your vehicle by the same people who made it. They go beyond checking your vehicle’s brakes and battery and can give you a proper oil change.

6) Upgrade Basic Safety Measures

Safety has come a long way from the invention of the seatbelt. If your vehicle does not have a three-point seatbelt, or you just want to add safety sensors, manufacturer service shops can work with you to see what your vehicle can be retrofitted with.

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What is your favourite vintage car? I f you have an older vehicle, visit our service team to see if there is something your mechanic may be missing during its inspections.

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