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Calling All Used Nissans

We are Nissan specialists. Before you buy your Nissan privately, or from other dealers, let us inspect the car for you.

Every Used Car Inspection Service Includes

Detailed 120-point assessment and report. Covering all major systems and common problem areas for your vehicle. Free CARFAX Vehicle History report-a $39.99 value!

Peace of Mind Nissan Vehicle
Assessment/Multipoint Inspection

Air filters keep harmful airborne contaminants from possibly damaging your car's engine and its performance. We check your air filter every oil change and recommend replacing it at intervals specified by the vehicle's manufacturer.


  • Keeps harmful pollutants from entering engine
  • Increases engine efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a 120-Point Peace of Mind Vehicle Assessment?

Before buying or selling a used car, you should receive a comprehensive car inspection from an automotive mechanic to make sure there aren’t any undiagnosed mechanical problems. Our Nissan Factory Trained technicians will give you all the information you need to buy or sell a used car, including a FREE CARFAX® report that includes the vehicle history report.

What does the 120-Point Peace of Mind Nissan Vehicle Assessment cover?

A Vehicle Assessment Service includes a 120-point detailed assessment and report provided by Nissan Factory Trained technician near you. It covers all major systems and common problem areas for the vehicle including:
  • Computerized diagnostics
  • Air conditioning HVAC
  • Steering and suspension
  • Braking system
  • Wheels and tires
  • Comprehensive vehicle inspection

How long does the assessment take?

Our Nissan Factory Trained Technicians are trained to get you and your car in and out of our service bays as quickly and safely as possible. The average time required to complete a 120-point vehicle assessment is about 45 minutes.

What is a Nissan Factory Trained Technician?

ASE Certification, also known as Automotive Service Excellence, are certifications granted to an automotive technician who has completed the required training and obtained their Automotive Service Excellence Certified Master Technicians requirements. This means they are qualified to work on every mechanical, electrical component, and system in a vehicle. We proudly employ skilled teams of ASE Certified Technicians to work in our service bays.

What if issues are found?

During your 120-point assessment, if our Nissan Factory Trained technician discovers an issue with your car, we’ll work with you to assess, diagnose and repair your vehicle and get you back on the road safely.

How long does it take to get a CarFax report?

You'll get the CarFax report with the assessment results, immediately without having to wait for it to come seperately.

How much does the full inspection cost?

The 120pt assessment service is regularly $129.99. It includes the assessment and results report, plus a free CarFax car history report.