Preparing Your Car for Winter

November 7th, 2014 by

Winter is coming, but don’t worry. Your friends at Crown Nissan know it’s right around the corner and their outstanding service department will always be there to help.

In the meantime, Crown Nissan General Manager Brent Sales has some sound advice to get you prepared for the cold weather ahead.

“First and foremost put on your winter tires,” Sales said. “With MPI’s new Get-a-Grip Program there is no excuse NOT to have safe winter tires on your vehicle.

“Then make sure you get your fluids checked and ready for winter. Make sure your anti-freeze and Windshield Wiper fluid are good for cold temperatures. And make sure you have that emergency package in your car – a blanket, cell phone, road flares. Be ready for winter.”

The Canadian Automobile Association suggests you do the following:

“1. Strongly consider putting winter tires on your vehicle, regardless of your area’s snow accumulation. Rubber in all-season tires starts to lose elasticity and harden at around 7°C, significantly reducing the tire’s ability to grip the road. Winter tires harden at around -40°C, allowing them to maintain elasticity in much colder temperatures.

“2. Carry a fully charged cell phone to call a friend or roadside assistance if needed.

“3. Take your car into your local service technician to have it maintained for the seasonal transition. This service can include having your battery inspected for wear before the start of the season and ensuring the right grade of oil in your vehicle for optimal winter use.”
It’s good advice, but here’s some more good advice: The service department at Crown Nissan can help you get ready for a time of year that is not only cold, but often dangerous. Take advantage of the opportunity.

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