Flooded With Problems

April 10th, 2019 by

            Manitobans have been warned that flooding will be an issue this spring, including in Winnipeg. The Red River Valley has been affected by flooding before and experts predict that this flood will be like the one in 2009. While we may be focusing on our homes, our vehicles will need protecting too. 


“I didn’t think I’d have to worry about flooding when I moved here from India!”

Viral Patel, CROWN Auto Group Employee


Here’s how to prepare: 

 Person Riding a Bicycle during Rainy Day


Get to High Ground 

           If possible, park your vehicle on elevated ground. This may seem impossible in the flat prairies but look for areas where water is draining downwards. Avoid parking near ditches, beside other vehicles, or by trees.


Seal Your Vehicle 

           Close all doors, windows, and sunroofs. Check that your gas cap is fully closed, and the cover is clicked in place. 


Park It Outside 

           Do not park your vehicle in a garage or shelter if your area is expecting plenty of flooding. Water could wear down the walls and the building may collapse onto your vehicle, causing more damage to your vehicle than the flooding. 



Disconnect Your Battery 

            To avoid doing damage to your electrical, disconnect your battery. This small step could save you hundreds of dollars in damage claims. 


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Pay Up Your Insurance 

             While this may be an obvious one, make sure your MPI plan has everything you might need. Things to consider are if you live outside the city and need a vehicle to get to work, the cost of your deductible, and you don’t have any missed payments. 


Ziplock Your Car 

            Flood Guards are a great way to completely seal your vehicle. If you are willing to spend a little bit more, these large bags will seal your vehicle. 



After The Flood: 

                 Let your vehicle dry off completely before reconnecting the battery and starting it again. Make an appointment with an MPI Direct Repair Centre to assure your vehicle is in drivable condition. 

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