CROWN Nissan Collision Centre – MPI Direct Repair Certified

CROWN Nissan Collision Centre – MPI Direct Repair Certified

The CROWN Nissan Collision Centre stands as a beacon of efficiency and reliability. As an MPI Direct Repair Certified facility, we offer a streamlined approach to auto repair that saves you both time and worry. Here’s how we make it happen:


Skip the Hassle

Forget about long lines and tedious claims processes. Directly bring your vehicle to us, and let us handle the rest. We’re not just any repair shop; we’re an MPI Accredited Shop, ensuring that your vehicle gets serviced quickly and safely.


MPI Certifications: A Spectrum of Expertise


At the core of CROWN Auto Group's offerings, our Collision Centre boasts an impressive array of MPI Certifications. We're not just about Nissan; our expertise extends across a diverse lineup of brands. Whether it's the sophisticated elegance of an Acura, the robust resilience of a Ram, the innovative spirit of a Hyundai, or the dynamic performance of a Genesis, we are equipped and certified to cater to your vehicle's specific needs.


Embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cherished Nissan is in capable hands. Our team is proficient in restoring each of these brands to its optimal condition. Trust in our comprehensive service – because at CROWN Auto Group, diversity in expertise is our strength.


Peace of Mind, Delivered


Our team is dedicated to ensuring that from the moment you hand over your keys to the final polish of your car, every step is taken care of with utmost attention and care. This is more than a mere repair service; it’s a promise of peace of mind.


How the MPI Direct Repair Program Streamlines Your Experience

Efficient Estimation Process


Once you’ve reported your claim, you have the option to get your vehicle estimated at our accredited repair facility. This means quicker assessments and faster initiation of repair work.


Comprehensive Support


Questions or concerns? Our Crown Nissan team is just a call away. We pride ourselves on transparency and customer support, ensuring you’re well-informed throughout the repair process.


About Us: The Power of 1 at Crown Nissan

Turbo Charged Experience


Our team isn’t just about repairs. We’re experts in the entire car buying and servicing process. Expect a turbo-charged experience, from vehicle selection, finance options, to the final paperwork. Fast, efficient, and hassle-free – that's the Crown Nissan promise.


One Price. No Complications.


At Crown Nissan, we believe in simplicity. Our vehicles come with pre-discounted Upfront Prices, making your buying experience negotiation-free and straightforward. Know the price, get the best deal, and enjoy the journey in your new car.


Visit Us Today


Ready to experience the CROWN Nissan difference? Visit us at our Winnipeg location, a proud division of the Crown Auto Group. Whether it’s for a repair or a new purchase, we’re here to provide an exceptional experience. One Person. One Price. Fast & Easy. That’s the Power of 1.


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