A World of Roads

August 8th, 2019 by

Since the invention of the automobile in 1886, the world has seen many different types of vehicles, but we often overlook the roads they have travelled on. Moving from buggy trails to GPS linked highways, here’s the latest technology the world is steering toward. 


Bicycle Lanes 

Before we drive right into it, you may have noticed that there are more and more bike lanes across the city. Neighbourhoods such as Downtown or the Exchange District have many different bike paths, often painted green, but as cycling becomes more popular, more bike lanes will be built in other neighbourhoods. It’s important to know how to share the road if you are driving beside a bike lane. 

 Gray Grass



I know what you’re thinking. Roundabouts aren’t new or exciting, but roundabouts are popping up all over Winnipeg and many people still see this as a new way to divert traffic. We all know how to use them, but expect roundabout to show up in unexpected places, moving from residential streets to Manitoban highways. This new type of road aversion is an easy way to move traffic instead of stopping it, getting you back to what you love doing the most, driving.  



Solar Power Lights 

Streetlights are going green! Winnipeg’s crosswalks and school zones are turning to solar power, but more cities are using solar or even wind power to energize their lights. These changes might seem minor, but they have a big impact on the environment. Keep an eye out for cleaner, greener initiatives on the roadways themselves. 



24/7 Construction 

Everyone knows what it feels like to get stuck in traffic, only to drive past and see no one is working on the road. Newly proposed plans to use 24/7 construction crews for nonstop road work will alleviate construction traffic and hopefully will mean roads will open sooner. 


 Yellow Payloader


Plastic Roads 

Roads are traditionally made from asphalt, but researchers are exploring new ways to create better roads. The most popular solution so far is to use our recycled plastics. It’s even been speculated that plastic roads could last longer because they are less suspectable to the freeze/melt cycle, unlike asphalt.  



Paint Progress 

Road Paints are constantly looking to be improved. Glow in the dark paint and paint that tells the temperature are all in the process of being tweaked, but the real issue is making the paint stay on the road. Our pavement goes through a lot of stress, but the paint fades away with the weather. New paint is being tested, but for now, roads still get repainted in the spring. 

 Asphalt Road Between Trees


What’s Next? 

We know that autonomous driving is coming. The roads we travel today are not always in perfect condition and has unmarked twists and turns. As new technology emerges, we will start to see our roads adapt to the change. The question is, will our roads keep up with the new technology? 




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